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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Coming soon in paperback, my new novel, Bride of the Living Dead!

For those of you often read this blog, I've been promising GOOD NEWS! Here it is!!!

IT'S OFFICIAL! Pearlsong Press will publish a trade paperback edition of my new romantic comic novel, Bride of the Living Dead! Yes, I know I'm repeating the headline, I just can't stop saying it! I've got a new book coming...Yay!

The heroine is Indie film critic, Daria MacClellan. Big, beautiful and rebellious, Daria, who is most comfortable in a horror movie poster T-shirt and blue jeans, finds that her wedding is hijacked by family drama. How did she sign on for a formal wedding planned by Sky, her perfectionist, anorexic, older sister? Daria adores her fiancé and she loves horror films, but her wedding seems to be turning into one. Will a picture perfect pink wedding turn her into the Bride of the Living Dead?

THE EVEN BETTER NEWS - I'm thrilled to be working with Pearlsong Press, a niche publisher featuring body positive fiction and nonfiction with a particular emphasis on Health at Every Size (HAES). Pearlsong is the home of many wonderful authors including the Queen of the Rubenesque Romances, Pat Ballard! I'm so happy to be in royal company.

One of the joys of working with a small press is the personal touch and the commitment to keeping the books available for readers.

With, founder Peggy Elam, Ph.D., at the helm, Pearlsong Press connects with readers in some innovative ways including weekly Health at Every Size broadcasts on Radio Free Nashville. I love the super positive music she plays! Peggy also schedules call-in teleconferences called Pearlsong Conversations, where anyone can call in to chat. I'll let you know when I get to do one of those in case anyone wants to call to talk!

I'll keep you posted as we start the journey toward publication.

The book news from 30 years ago will resume in the next post.

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